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effective profiling can be a great tool


profiling & organisational assessments

Effective profiling is a great tool for providing feedback on performance, which encourages individuals, teams and organisations to deal with reality - not subjective perceptions of it.



Experiential Training & Coaching (ETC) uses a selection of assessments that have proven their effectiveness for ETC and our clients. All produce highly valid and reliable data; all of the instruments have international databases for benchmarking purposes.



team alchemy survey

At ETC, we have developed and utilised our own Team Alchemy Survey to assess and measure team performance. Since 2001 we have built a team database with thousands of individual assessments of hundreds of teams on six elements of team performance and five phases of the team life cycle. The survey provides a benchmark of both internal teamwork and external collaboration by the team with key stakeholders outside the core team.  The survey is a very effective instrument for tracking team performance over time, and provides excellent diagnosis of where to focus team improvement initiatives at any particular phase in the team life cycle. The Team Alchemy Survey is available online via this website for registered clients


ETC uses a selection of profiles that have proven their effectiveness for ETC and our clients. All produce highly valid and reliable data; several of the profiles are linked to international and/or national databases for benchmarking purposes.



team roles (belbin)

An advanced 360° assessment used globally to measure:

  • Team composition, balance and effectiveness. It provides a unique team profile of team strengths and weaknesses, and the team chemistry
  • Individual strengths and weaknesses when working in a team
  • Suitability of people in a position - how they 'fit' the job and the people around them.

Belbin Team Roles is a very user-friendly instrument with high validity and reliability.



herrmann brain dominance instrument (HBDI)

By harnessing the power of Whole Brain Thinking - the awareness of our own and others' thinking styles, combined with the ability to act outside of our preferred thinking styles - individuals and companies gain the power to reach goals they never thought possible.



extraordinary leadership

This US-based Leadership 360° assessment instrument, developed by the Zenger-Folkman organisation, benchmarks personal leadership performance against an international database of over 25,000 leaders. It is based on a large data base of empirical studies of leadership.


The model has five dimensions: Character, Personal Capability, Focus on Results, Interpersonal Skills, and Leading Change. Each dimension has  a number of distinguishing competencies, and individual behaviours within each competence area. Feedback is obtained from identified groups of observers - your boss, team members, co-workers and 'others' such as customers and suppliers.


The Extraordinary Leadership model and framework is very effective with senior and middle managers and is an exceptionally good measure of all-round leadership performance. It is a great tool for leadership development .



business capability audit

The international best practise "Criteria for Performance Excellence" (Baldrige) provides a guide for an organisation to become world class. This is an internationally recognised business model based on extensive research of the common characteristics found in high performing organisations from all around the globe. The organisation receives a score on this globally benchmarked framework and a feedback report that outlines the next steps in the journey toward 'world class' performance.



situational leadership (sit lead)

This instrument provides a sound foundation for assessing your personal leadership style. It is also very effective for measuring your coaching style and your ability to adapt interpersonal leadership skills to different situations and different people. It is primarily self-assessment but 360° feedback is available.



relationship awareness training (RATS)

A simple but effective instrument for personal feedback on interpersonal relationship strengths and weaknesses. RATS is highly visual and effective for front-line personnel who interact with customers/suppliers. It distinguishes responses under two sets of conditions - when things are going well and when under conflict or stress. RATS is also effective for basic team profiling.



information technology capability

This is a new product aimed at improving your chances of a successful IT implementation. Your employees and your IT function are individually assessed for competence and confidence in the use of sophisticated IT systems. The aggregate results provide you with an understanding of the level of risk associated with the people side of your IT projects.





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