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Performance through real-life learning and simulated experience is the major theme in all ETC training. ETC training is a mixture of sound conceptual frameworks integrated with highly interactive experiential activities, workplace case studies and action learning.


ETC has over 20 core tools & training modules in the five areas listed below. These tools & modules provide the basis for tailored or customised training workshops that are designed by our accredited consultants to meet your specific organisational needs.



  • Executive teams as organisation leaders - ie assessment, facilitation & coaching of executvie teams in leading organisation change
  • One-on-one coaching & counselling of executive team members as leaders
  • Team Alchemy workshops (ETC)
  • Extraordinary Leadership (Zenger & Folkman)
  • Leadership Practices Inventory (Kouzes & Posner)
  • Situational Leadership (Hersey & Blanchard)
  • Action-Centred Leadership (Adair)



  • Coaching for coaches/leaders
  • Coaching for team leaders
  • Performance management & coaching


team performance

  • Building high-performance executive teams
  • Strategies for team development & building high performance teams through experiential workshops, simulations, activities & action-learning methods
  • In-house consultancy, facilitation & coaching on team assessment & performance
  • Executive team performance, facilitation & coaching
  • Implemention & development of team-based organisational culture
  • Team vs group vs individual activities
  • Project teams & virtual teams
  • Team Mastery
  • Team Alchemy survey
  • Belbin Team Role profiling
  • Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument
  • Team Management Index System (Margerison & McCann)
  • Relationship Awareness Training (Elias Porter)


interpersonal relationships & skills

  • Interpersonal communication (listening, feedback, assertiveness, conflict management)
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Interviewing skills
  • Conducting performance appraisals


personal development

  • The Power of One (personal visioning, values, action planning)
  • Personal proactivity (time and space management)
  • Belbin Team Role profiling



If you'd like to find out more about ETC's training & development modules please call us on ++64 (09) 527-5008, or click here to email us, we'd love to have the opportunity to discuss it with you further.





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