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Enable a diverse group of people to work effectively together



An effective facilitator enables a diverse group of people to follow a specific process in order to achieve a desired outcome.


using a team alchemy accredited facilitator will

  • Enable your leader to concentrate on intellectual and emotional leadership of the group (the facilitator ensures full involvement and best ideas are utilised)
  • Provide a professional who is expert at designing and managing effective processes
  • Provide an impartial adjudicator who is not emotionally involved in your issues and personalities
  • Provide an external professional who takes accountability for achieving the outcomes desired from the working session.



we offer facilitation of the following processes


team facilitation

ETC's team charter provides exercises to define team direction, internal and external relationships and team accountabilities. We also help dysfunctional teams overcome conflict to become productive members of the organisational community.



An ETC facilitator can help you clarify your business vision i.e. what business you are in, could be in, should be in, should not be in; what to achieve, how to enrol your people in the process.


strategic planning

Turn your vision, mission and values into a clear pathway forward for your organisation by using an ETC facilitator. Effective strategic thinking and planning is strongly influenced by the process used and team dynamics. Our facilitators add value in managing these vital aspects for you.


values clarification

Values define the behaviour and relationships which form the culture of an organisation. ETC will design and deliver processes, which clarify and establish common understanding of the values which drive organisational behaviour. We also help ensure ownership of these values throughout the organisation.


employee forums

We assist diverse groups to effectively work together and achieve goals e.g. unions and management, health & safety groups, marketing and sales, customer & supplier groups.



Our services in this area include experiential simulations and activities, guest speaking on leadership, team performance, motivation etc, overall conference facilitation and planning.


business capability audit

The international best practise "Criteria for Performance Excellence" (Baldrige) provides a guide for an organisation to become world class. This is an internationally recognised business model based on extensive research of the common characteristics found in high performing organisations from all around the globe. The organisation receives a score on this globally benchmarked framework and a feedback report that outlines the next steps in the journey toward 'world class' performance.






"After having used many facilitators with many team development tools over the years, I have found that ETC have produced the best and most consistently practical results. "


  • John Boon, Wellington Regional Manager, Telecom Business Solutions